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al-khaleej jewerly & gift boxes belives in the importance of internet. It gives chances for dynamic communication between companies and trade foundations from a side and the public from another side. As a response of our modern society and our interest of our a gents, in providing them with new technology , we have our new website. Also, we want to share our agents with their goals, ambitions and views.


Our Products

All of our products are distinguished by luxury and sophistication, because our customers from inside or outside the UAE are from the elite who are not satisfied with less than the excellent level of their requests.
As we deal with ministries and major state bodies, elite Emirati society and major gift, perfume and jewelry stores.

Advertising Gifts

Jewelery lockers

Show Stands

Jewelery Boxes

Watch Boxes

Ring Boxes

Perfume Boxes

Business Bags


Date Boxes

Sword Boxes

Dagger Boxes

Quality, Innovation & Expertise

We have a state-of- the-art manufacturing facility producing your products. We strive continuously to improve our capability to respond to advanced market demands.
We welcome the prospect of working in partnership with our clients in achieving supply and quality levels above and beyond the norm expected in today’s market place.


We listen, understand, determine and deliver the services according to our customer requirements


We continually strive to deliver highest international standards of our products


We uphold the values and principles in every action and decision


We always strive to exceed customer needs and expectations

We strive to be at the leading-edge not only in the services
we provide but by also holding our partners accountable
in achieving the highest standards that we expect in ourselves.


We look forward to the support of our clients, to help us grow beyond the goals we have set for ourselves. Our journey is never ending because we believe that there is always an opening for innovation, consolidation and growth.

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