Who We Are

al-khaleej jewerly & gift boxes belives in the importance of internet. It gives chances for dynamic communication between companies and trade foundations from a side and the public from another side. As a response of our modern society and our interest of our a gents, in providing them with new technology , we have our new website. Also, we want to share our agents with their goals, ambitions and views.

We in Al-Khaleej for making jewely boxes, look for communication with our good agents. We want to introduce our establishments, goals, products and policy for our agents only just for few yeasr, our company reach a high level. Among other companies for making jewelry boxes. Also, we gain the trust at big jewelers and big other dealers. Our company has also the appreciation and admiration of public and private sectors in the whole Arabic Gulf, starting from United Arab Emirates and then the other countries, such as Oman , Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and Kuwait .